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21st-Oct-2015 07:21 pm - Friends Only
what"s taters precious?
Except for pictures and icons. Those I like to share.
Most of you who know me also know how special the story of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is to me. At lot of my love stems from the Rankin-Bass special, but my battered up copy of Rudolph is even dearer. It's a combination of the original story with another "Rudolph Shines Again." Both feature beautiful illustrations by Marion Guild. My mom bought it for my older brothers in the 70s. I have since claimed possession of it. I lovingly wrote my name on the title page. There are a few scribbles on the blank pages from when I was too young to know better.

On a whim, I decided to take a picture of my favorite illustration and make a lj icon out of it. Then I got the idea of doing a whole series. These are all pictures I took with my camera. Most didn't take with a flash hence the yellowness. That's my fault, not the book's. Most people probably haven't seen these illustrations, so I'm glad to share them with everybody.

Also for those of you not familiar with the original story, Santa was having trouble seeing who it was that he was supposed to be giving presents to in the dark. When Santa stops at Rudolph's house, Rudolph's bright nose helps Santa see what he needs to do. From there he gets the idea to ask Rudolph for help. So Rudolph comes with him to shine his nose so Santa can see what presents to leave.

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Enjoy! I hope you'll love these illustrations as much as I do. And please credit!

Edit: Sorry about the crappy formatting. I never did get around to fixing it. Maybe someday!
10th-Apr-2010 02:23 am - In memory of Ford Glitterfest '10
I made a ton of Harrison Ford/Indiana Jones gifs.  Link to my TinyPic for easy linking.

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3rd-Feb-2010 07:53 pm - Newsies Gifs

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They are also huge.... if you want to use them somewhere I suggest reuploading.

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Chrisopher Lloyd is awesome. Michael J. Fox has such a babyface in this.
12th-Jun-2009 12:56 am - When this Boy Meets World...

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So many Boy Meets World moments! I just happened to download and make these really fast. I really only wanted to make the triangle one... and then it escalated. It was 'get a mirror babe' but I couldn't do that because it's a bad camera angle on Shawn. Then it was 'CHICKENS!' for Daniel. And then it was the whole rest of the episode.

Comment if you like. I added more.

7th-Jun-2009 03:01 pm - Monsters Inc gifs

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Mmk. I think I'm done with Monsters Inc. That's a lot and it's only like the first 30ish minutes of the movie. If you want a scene/part, let me know.
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